In Our Own Words
Reynold Jennings, President & CEO
WellStar Health System
I’m Reynold Jennings, the President and CEO of WellStar Health System, located in Marietta, Georgia. I’ve been in healthcare for 44 years. Throughout those 44 years, those of us in healthcare have always appreciated the triple aim of high quality, high patient satisfaction, and trying to control healthcare costs. One of the things that excited me about creating the Center for Health Transformation is bringing in business leaders from our community, as well as other not-for-profit entities and the insurance companies. I think we’re at a critical point in which the business community of America – who wants to give insurance to their employees – cannot absorb those kinds of inflationary costs. Now we have a chance to work with other healthcare providers, namely the physician community, to connect the caregiving needs of all of our patients – from outpatient, homecare and into the hospital. The one thing I think the Center for Health Transformation will create is a learning laboratory that follows true research protocols and orientation, so that we can be assured that if we advocate to the world that this is a best practice way of solving a problem, it will stand the test of time, and it will have the parameters defined so that other systems can replicate that solution. One of the things I’m really excited about for the center for health transformation is that we do have a great opportunity, for the first time in the 44 years that I’ve been in healthcare, to really bring together the best of the best minds, all around the country, to look for solutions that will help raise quality, increase patient satisfaction, and keep costs under control.